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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Have you ever wondered why some teams can accomplish incredible feats and others can’t accomplish anything?  What if there were a way to diagnose the problems and solve them?  Now there is.

Five Dysfunctions is a leadership fable.  It is a page-turning quick read fiction, for the very reason a good movie is:  it’s full of conflict.

“The characters in this book ring true, are completely recognizable, and fully-realized. The book itself is well-written, and, I believe, ranks with the best of the genre.” –Jack Covert, co-author with Todd Sattersten of 100 Best Business Books of All Time

Five Dysfunctions identifies the major obstacles that keep a group from functioning as a team.  There are repeatable patterns that keep a team from reaching it’s goals.  By identifying these patterns and working to change them, the team can move forward and accomplish it’s goals.

What are the Five Dysfunctions?

Absence of Trust.

Fear of conflict.

Lack of commitment.

Avoidance of accountability.

Inattention to Results.

Lencioni is spot on in his analysis and his resolution.  This book is life-changing.

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Daring Greatly


(Language Warning)

Brené Brown is the poster child for courage.

She gathers data.  She tells stories.  She uncovers the uncomfortable secrets of whole-hearted living.  And she believes in her own research.  Even when it’s not what she wants to find.

Vulnerability, she discovered, was a critical element to whole-hearted living.  So she became vulnerable.

Her first TED talk went viral, when she talked about her breakdown/ spiritual awakening.    She was so transparent that she had a “vulnerability hangover” for 3 days afterwards.

In contrast to those who tote their own personal experience or anecdotal evidence, Brown’s writing carries the weight of her research behind it.  Much like “Good to Great”, the numbers are impossible to ignore.

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Brené emphasizes the critical element of human connection, the torture of psychological isolation, and the shame that prevents us from connecting.

Dealing with negative emotions is part of the puzzle.  Actually feeling them, instead of letting them fester and numbing them with addictions.

It all rings true.  Even the uncomfortable parts.  Especially the uncomfortable parts.

The transformation in Brené’s  life as a result of believing the research is as fascinating as the research itself.

Highly recommended.

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Not many books fit in the category of life-changing.

This one does.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg changed my life.


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This past year, I’ve been trying to implement a number of systems into my life to get it running more smoothly.
The Money Makeover. Flylady. Trim Healthy Mama. Getting Things Done.

But, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to implement everything, and it was hit and miss at so many of the systems.

After reading the Power of Habit, I thought through my daily routines and realized staying in bed too long in the mornings was sabotaging everything. I have trouble moving in the mornings. Physically moving. It literally takes an hour or two after waking up before my blood starts flowing.

I didn’t realize that one of my basic principles of life was self-defeating.

“Do the worst first,” I tell the kids. Get that over with and you can enjoy the rest.

However–Do the worst first– made me not want to get out of bed.

After reading The Power of Habit, I realized that the reward has to come after the action.

So, here is my reward. One hour of fun reading after I get up at 5:45. Fun reading includes Facebook or whatever books I’ve got going that I’m really enjoying. (Ironically, I have had a lot of trouble finding good books to read. I finally got my lists going at Goodreads, and that has helped me a lot. I also follow a few bloggers that give good recommendations. Modern Mrs. Darcy is my current favorite. I used to read Jack Covert Selects often. Kari Patterson is a new one, and I still check in with Ann Voskamp.)
Sometime in the last year (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Power of Habit), I read that 21 repetitions to form a habit is a myth. Most people need 28. So, I’ve put it on my calendar. 28 days of getting up at 5:45 rewarded by one hour of fun reading.

It’s working! I’ve done it 17 days in a row. I don’t always get my reward, because, believe it or not, sometimes there are demands on my time before 6:45. But I have gotten up. Out of bed. Every. Single. Day.

Pairing habits is also a good plan. Flylady recommends this. So, most days I’ve also taken my (chewable) vitamins and drink a liter or two of water before 7.

I am very hopeful that I will be able to make further adjustments to my morning routine and get all my other systems under control. It’s hard not to be impatient and try to do it all at once. But, slow and steady wins the race.  Baby stepping . . .

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