Five Minute Friday: Near

It’s Friday!

In spite of being a good week, overall, this morning was chock full of frustrations and irritations and roadblocks.

The Five Minute Friday words tend to make me philosophical.  Which is fine. That’s my happy place.

This week’s word is: near.  Linking up with Kate Motaung and the FMF community.


God is near to the broken hearted.

It’s hard to know what to say to people who are hurting.

So many things aren’t helpful.  So many things aren’t sensitive.

And, in spite of good intentions, so many things don’t land where you want them to.

The God of all comfort gives peace that passes understanding.

That brings us hope.

And when we’re hurting, hope is what we need.

The hope that God is near to the broken hearted.  He is compassionate.  He cares for widows and orphans and sparrows.  He knows the needs.  He knows us inside and out, down to the hairs on our head.

If we can grasp that, we have hope.

If we can share hope with the hurting, it doesn’t matter too much what we say.



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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Near

  1. Vicki

    “And, in spite of good intentions, so many things don’t land where you want them to.” Oh, YES! [bell ringing] In my mind the scenario plays out perfectly…… then I wake up. Ugh! And yet, God has promised, RiGHT? Thank you fro writing this post. I almost went with the same theme, but I like how you wrote this. Visiting from #68. God bless!

    1. Beth Post author

      God is near to the broken hearted, Andrew. May the God of all comfort give you peace that passes understanding.

  2. Martha Grimm Brady

    hi beth, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF:) if i understand correctly, you were an MK too:) i was one at two parts of my life as well. i think i had many of the disadvantages with not nearly as many of the advantages:(

    i love your post today. great verse:) very helpful and encouraging! so nice to meet you.

    1. Beth Post author

      Thanks for introducing yourself, Martha. I’m so curious about your experience as an MK. I’m beginning to believe those experiences affect us as adults in ways we’re not always aware of. Have a blessed day.


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