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What Difference Does It Make Now?


Yesterday I was angry.

Today I’m sad.

I’m sad for all the deceived masses that are ignorant of the freedoms they are losing.  I’m sad for the the Judeo-Christian values that are disappearing.  I’m sad that honor and integrity are no longer hallmarks of the leaders of this country.  I’m sad that voters no longer think that character counts.

I’m sad for my kids and (hopefully future) grandkids and the future of tyranny and oppression that they will know in their lifetime.

I’m sad for the people who made sacrifices for the freedoms that we enjoy and those that have squandered those freedoms by entitlement, privilege and neglect.

There were a minority in Hitler’s Germany who came to see him for who he was.  There were some brave citizens who tried unsuccessfully to oppose him.   Meanwhile, the masses were deceived.  Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

The founders of our country saw the pitfalls and injustices from the rule of governments throughout history.  They endeavored to establish a rule that would avoid these oppressive, dictatorial regimes.  Safeguards and checkpoints were established to diffuse power.  Freedom of the press was established to provide accountability for those in office.  The right to bear arms allowed the average citizen to protect not only what was his, but also to protect himself from an oppressive government.

I’m sad for young people who do not understand communism, socialism, capitalism and what difference it makes for them in every day life.  I’m sad for people who are immune to the suffering inflicted around the world by evil and oppressive governments.

I love my country.  This is why I’m sad.


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Please Vote

One who does not vote has no right to complain


If you’re eligible to vote: please vote.

If you’re not eligible to vote: please pray.

If you’re not a praying person, then share this post and get others to vote and pray.

Primaries in Indiana are Tuesday, May third.


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5 Things You Need to Know About Ted Cruz


1. He makes a clear profession of faith.  ” . . .in 1979, I too asked Jesus to be my savior at Clay Road Baptist Church.  When people ask if faith is real, I don’t have to speculate; I’ve seen the fruits of a walk with Christ in my own life and in my family.”– A Time for Truth, p. 32

2. He is pro-life.  “[John] Drogin, who at the time was jobless, didn’t just jump at any any offer to mange a statewide campaign.  Instead he said, “I need to ask you two questions before I can accept.”  The first question was “Are you a Christian?” The second was “Are you pro-life?”   ” . . . thankfully I was able to answer both questions in the affirmative.”

3. His father fled Cuba and so deeply and personally understands the anguish of an oppressive dictatorship.   As a teenager in Cuba in the 50s, his father was involved in underground revolutionary activities aimed at deposing the the oppressive dictator, Batista. “My father was fooled by Castro, but only for a time, and only in his youth.  Few people would go out of their way to atone for such a mistake, but he did, by denouncing his own public statements  and asking for forgiveness.  That must have been difficult and it’s one of the many reasons I’ve always admired my dad’s character.” p. 20

“It is difficult for many of us to fully comprehend what a beacon of hope this country offers the rest of the world.  There is no other place on earth that would have welcomed so freely to its shores a man like Rafael Cruz.  He was eighteen, penniless and spoke no English.  He owned three things: the suit on his back, a slide rule in his pocket and a hundred dollars that my grandmother had sewn into his underwear.”  pp 16-17.

4. He staunchly supports the constitution.  ” [Diane Feinstein] said, ‘Congress is in the business of making law. The Supreme Court interprets the law.  [If] they strike down the law, they strike down the law.’ That answer too was very instructive–and exemplifies one of the biggest problems of the federal government.  For far too long, Congress has passed legislation with no one in the Senate once asking what should be the preliminary question: Do we have the constitutional authority to enact this bill?” p. 249

5. He believes in the Second Amendment for two reasons.  First, “the ability of the people to defend themselves has been a critical precondition to securing liberty from monarchs and tyrants.”  “Second, the right to keep and bear arms protects the fundamental right of each and every one of us to protect ourselves, our family and our children from imminent physical harm.” p. 252

Timefor Truth   Buy now from Amazon

I appreciate Cruz’ commitment to telling the truth, in an arena where deception is a way of life and campaign promises are routinely broken. Only time will tell if he will continue to uphold the principles he espouses.  But, in his short tenure as Senator, he has demonstrated remarkable courage and sacrifice to defend these very principles.

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What do you want to know about Ted Cruz?


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Rushing Through History is a Sweet Ride



I believe America has lost her way.

She has forgotten the her founding principles and ideals.   The sacrifices made and the travail that birthed this country go unappreciated.  History is either ignored or twisted.

Rush Limbaugh’s look at the past changes that.  What better age group to target to revive our great heritage than junior high?  Hitler himself targeted that age to win over a generation.






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Rush successfully includes all the elements that fascinate and attract middle schoolers.  In the process, he emphasizes the critical principles and ideals that birthed our nation.  He highlights the fact that the experiment of communism failed in the very infancy of our country.

He emphasizes the religious beliefs that drove the pilgrims to come in the first place.









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He articulates the freedom of religion that existed from the outset and the agreements made between believers and non-believers.  It was the very beliefs of the religious that permitted the freedom for all to choose their religious beliefs, without having beliefs imposed on them by governing authorities.

These are the missing core beliefs in our culture today.

Limbaugh’s books provide the urgently needed reminder to young people of the sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy today.

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